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Your Birth Experience is designed to connect you with your childbirth options. It’s a personalized comprehensive curriculum made for you. While teaching Your Birth Experience my goal is to connect to each expecting family. Identifying and equipping you with your own unique birth experience. Pregnancy is a very busy time. Trying to find 6 to 12 weeks to attend childbirth classes may seem a bit intimidating. Some people don’t enjoy the “classroom” setting. Others don’t want to sit through hours of lectures and exhausting videos. With YBE I am able to offer you a reasonable, time-efficient class. There are a few formats that are available to fit your schedule. A group setting 2 hours for 2 classes or individual classes or class. These hours can be customized to serve your family’s time restraints. YBE can be taught in a 4-hour session. You get to decide where you take the class. YBE can be brought to you. You get to decide what works best for you!! Below Missy David, the YBE founder explains Your Birth Experience and why she developed it. I hope that after watching her video you can understand why I am so excited to share this wonderful birth resource with you. I am positive it will enhance your birth and your experience.

All of your options include:

Your own copy of Your Birth Experience Parent Guide

Your own copy of Your Parent Guide

Your own copy of Your Breastfeeding Guide

Evidence based information on the process of childbirth and potential interventions

Envisioning your ideal birth experience

Being able to use the tools you  learn effectively

Labor comfort and techniques practice

Learning about your unique personality traits, and how you tend to make decisions. You learn your communications style. Your own style and personality can help to create the best birth experience possible.

Create a Birth Plan that is designed to communicate YOUR needs to your entire birth team.

Your Birth Experience Class is 300.00 for all 3 comprehensive courses (if you host a class there are great incentives)

Your Birth Experience Parent Guide, Breastfeeding Guide, Parent Guide (4th trimester) is also available to work through on your own for 50.00 for each work book.

If you add Your Birth Experience to any of my Doula Packages there is a 100.00 discount.

For setting up your class or any questions please contact meCouples Attending Ante Natal Class Together

Here’s a link to¬†a you tube video¬†of Missy David¬† creator of¬† Your Birth Experience explaining how

Missy David YouTube